Jabel, a Newark-based jewelry manufacturer, has been crafting exquisite pieces since 1916. Under the ownership of David Connolly, a renowned jewelry designer, the company sought to revitalize its image and embrace the modern era.

Timeless Transformation

Merging rich history with contemporary sensibilities

A new brand for a new era.

RedTag's creative team began Jabel's rebranding by developing a contemporary logo that respected the company's century-old legacy. Our creatives then captured stunning custom lifestyle photography, using human figures as a canvas to showcase Jabel's jewelry. Following this, RedTag undertook a web redesign, incorporating the refreshed logo, captivating photography, and modern design elements for an appealing and user-friendly online presence.

The new website included an extensive jewelry catalog and editorial content, highlighting Jabel's craftsmanship and history. Powered by Webflow CMS and Jetboost's real-time filtering, the catalog provided an engaging user experience. Launched in October 2021 alongside a robust social media campaign, the rebranding successfully revitalized Jabel's timeless identity and celebrated their exceptional artistry.

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