TikTok SEO: How is TikTok Used for Search?

November 1, 2022
Tristan D.
Nearly 40% of younger users admit to turning to TikTok instead of Google or Maps when looking for a place for lunch. 

As Gen Z turns towards TikTok for their online searches, a common theme emerges: customers want relevant results and answers fast. As people’s attention spans shorten, they’re no longer as willing to sift through advertisements and lengthy search results on Google to find the answers they need. This positions TikTok ads as an excellent way to reach your customers where they already spend their time with relevant and creative short-form video content that gets straight to what your customers want.   


Using TikTok to learn about new products and businesses is not new. In fact, many TikTok users already rely on the site to learn more about their interests, with 49% of users saying TikTok is a source of discovery and 35% saying it is a place for them to learn something new. Nearly 40% of younger users admit to turning to TikTok instead of Google or Maps when looking for a place for lunch. 

If you’re not advertising on TikTok already, you’re missing out on customers who are actively in search of businesses like yours.   

TikTok SEO - From Discovery to Purchase

Companies on the leading edge have already started to expand into TikTok SEO, along with allocating advertising dollars to their monthly media buying. Currently, Tiktok is leading in retail advertising, with the app being 1.7x more likely to introduce consumers to a new product than other leading platforms.  

But, TikTok advertising is not just leading the way when it comes to product discovery — TikTok users are 1.4x more likely to purchase products they find on TikTok than users on other social media platforms and 1.5x more likely to convince friends and family to purchase products found on TikTok. After purchase, TikTok users are 2.4x more likely to post or tag a brand, leading to more brand engagement and loyalty.   


TikTok SEO and the Infinite Loop

Thanks to its authentic content and storytelling, TikTok has earned the trust of its billion followers as a place to learn about brands and businesses in a genuine way. Its highly personalized and user-centric algorithm delivers relevant content to each individual user based on their interests and interactions, creating what TikTok calls its infinite loop — a unique non-linear purchase path designed to meet users at every stage of the purchase process.

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