Hagyard Pharmacy

Licensed in 43 states, Hagyard Pharmacy dispenses prescription pharmaceuticals and offers a veterinary specialty compounding service for equine patients in the horse capital of the world, Lexington, KY.

7X Return

RedTag averages a 7X return for Hagyard pharmacy. For every $1 spent on advertising, we’re driving $7 in online sales.

Making the move to e-commerce

Together with Hagyard Pharmacy, we have triumphantly embarked on a journey into the realm of e-commerce distribution for equine pharmaceuticals. At RedTag, we expertly manage all digital and social media campaigns for Hagyard, and like our numerous equine clients, we have uncovered the key to success by meticulously following data-driven insights. In close collaboration with the dedicated team at Hagyard Pharmacy, we craft the perfect message, tailored to the ideal audience and delivered at the most opportune moment. This winning strategy has yielded remarkable results, and we are truly honored to be an integral part of this extraordinary team.

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