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Transforming the e-commerce presence for Caterpillar’s iconic brand through a meticulously crafted website that showcases nearly a century of trust and quality in workwear, gifts, and gear.

E-commerce Evolution

RedTag revamped with tailored user journeys and the compelling tagline "Workwear made to be worn out."

A Seamless Fusion of Heritage and Innovation

Caterpillar, a brand synonymous with durability and resilience, sought to elevate its e-commerce platform, The challenge was to reflect nearly 100 years of brand trust and quality online, catering to both loyal workwear consumers and casual brand enthusiasts. RedTag embarked on a comprehensive transformation, focusing on creating custom user journeys that highlight the brand's diverse product range. A pivotal aspect of the project was coining the phrase "Workwear made to be worn out," encapsulating the essence of Caterpillar's products. The redesign prioritized an inclusive design approach, making the website a welcoming space for all customers, reflecting Caterpillar's ambition to be the definitive workwear brand. The enhancements not only improved site speed but also streamlined the user journey, resulting in a significantly enriched shopping experience. This project stands as a testament to RedTag’s ability to blend tradition with innovation, creating a digital platform that truly represents Caterpillar’s legacy and forward-looking vision.

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