Hex Head Art

Hex Head manufactures officially licensed NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA three-dimensional metal wall art selling direct-to-consumer on their Shopify eCommerce website.


RedTag delivered $2.4M in sales in 2020, Up from $1.1M in 2019

Scaling Investment, Scaling Sales

Jamie Watts, owner and operator at Hex Head Art was running his own paid social campaigns and doing a pretty good job scaling his investment in advertising while following a linear growth pattern. However, at a certain point, it was time for Jamie to focus on manufacturing to scale his business. Thankfully, he tapped RedTag to take the reins, and we delivered! Scaling investment on Google, Facebook, and Instagram by more than 80%, Red Tag improved campaign structure and infused new creative content to increase e-commerce sales by more than 100% YoY.

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