ECHO (Exploited Children’s Help Organization)


Voices for the Vulnerable

Empowering Prevention and Support

Amplifying Awareness, Advocating Change

RedTag and ECHO have united in a crucial mission to combat child abuse and exploitation within Metro Louisville and beyond. For over 30 years, ECHO has been a beacon of hope, providing essential education, advocacy, and support services to children and families affected by abuse. RedTag's role in this partnership has been to significantly enhance ECHO's social media outreach, aiming to broaden the organization's influence and reach. By leveraging digital platforms, we strive to increase awareness around the prevalence and impact of child sexual abuse, advocating for a multifaceted response to this public health crisis. Our collaboration with ECHO is driven by a shared commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our community's most vulnerable members. Through strategic social media campaigns, RedTag supports ECHO's efforts to educate the public, empower survivors, and prevent child abuse. This partnership reflects our dedication to utilizing our expertise for social good, contributing to a stronger, safer community where every child is protected and empowered to thrive.

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