Louisville COVID-19 Match Program


Bringing together Communities

Finding a way to help those in need during COVID-19

Helping combat COVID-19 in Louisville

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading at an exponential rate, we felt the need to step up. We're already helping businesses grow and adapt, but we wanted to do more than that. While watching the local news, our Creative Director, Charlie saw a story about a local organization, Louisville Covid-19 Match. The concept began in March and works to connect young, healthy, low-risk community members with their elderly high-risk neighbors. Once people are connected, the low-risk partner helps by delivering groceries, picking up medicine, and doing wellness/health checks every few days. These times are especially trying for older, at-risk people in our community who might not have anyone to help them during this time. RedTag volunteered to help by creating video assets, social campaigns, a website and funding 100% of the advertising. This helped grow the program exponentially, and we're happy to report that thousands of matches have taken place thanks to this amazing organization.

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