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Account Manager

Louisville, KY

An Account Manager focuses on meeting the needs of clients and customers across all departments within a company. Their duties include serving as a point of contact for clients, building customer and company relationships, and generating revenue for clients and their organizations.

Account Managers act as the main point of communication and connection between a company and its clients, ensuring clients are satisfied with the work the company is providing them. They must research and brainstorm new ways to create and manage positive relationships with clients. Account Managers may also handle all aspects of a customer’s experience with a company and act as a liaison between the client and our company. 


The Account Manager is responsible for growing, expanding, and maintaining a customer base with assigned clients. They will positively impact company sales through entrepreneurial, strategic sales, and marketing strategies. 

Account Managers may handle accounts for multiple clients at the same time. Some common duties and responsibilities of an Account Manager include:

  • Forecasting and monitoring account budgets for each client
  • Communicating progress of quarterly, monthly, and yearly initiatives 
  • Collaborating with other teams and departments to meet client needs and create new opportunities
  • Collaborating and communicating with RedTag team members on a daily/weekly basis to ensure the client’s needs are met
  • Ensuring timely and accurate delivery to meet customer needs and aims
  • Providing customer service to clients on all accounts
  • Negotiating contracts in the best interests of clients and organizations
  • Developing beneficial working relationships with all partners involved
  • Being the sole contact between our company and the client


  • Customer service experience to handle clients and customers from different industries and backgrounds
  • Problem-solving abilities to help meet customer challenges
  • Organizational abilities and attention to detail to manage multiple accounts at one time
  • Time management and multitasking skills to transition among client accounts easily
  • Negotiation skills for creating and settling contracts
  • Knowledge of the most common and recent industry best practices
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills to converse with clients

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