TForce Freight

TForce Freight, formerly UPS Freight, is a transportation and logistics company that provides shipping services across North America. With CDL truck drivers in short supply, RedTag was tapped to help fill open positions.

Nationwide Success!

Our innovative, data-driven strategies fill CDL positions quickly and predictably!

Recruiting Success Through Data-Driven Solutions

In Q4 of 2021, TForce Freight (formerly UPS Freight) grappled with a pressing issue: a shortage of CDL drivers. RedTag rose to the challenge, employing an innovative approach to data-driven advertising decisions. We crafted compelling video ad content that struck a chord with drivers across the country.

Working hand-in-hand with TForce, we experimented with a range of recruitment strategies, encompassing diverse bonus structures and compensation packages. Our data-driven approach allowed us to pinpoint the most effective tactics, ensuring maximum impact.

Now, RedTag oversees recruitment for 194 terminals throughout the United States. Whenever TForce struggles to find drivers in any market, RedTag leaps into action with our innovative, data-driven strategies, filling positions swiftly and helping the company maintain its momentum.

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