Blanton's Bourbon 2019 Special Release

Blanton's is an award-winning bourbon of the highest quality with a long history of delivering premium spirits to connoisseurs worldwide.

Iconic Bourbon

RedTag had the honor of designing and preparing the 2019 Blanton's Special Release label from concept to completion.

2019, A Year to Remember

At RedTag, our vibrant and tenacious team of creative gurus knows the power of great design, and when we partnered with the Blanton's crew, we set out to blend Kentucky's rich bourbon culture with our innovative approach. With the spirit of excellence guiding us, our diverse and talented designers took on the challenge of concocting a one-of-a-kind label that not only stayed true to the iconic Blanton's name but also raised the bar in bourbon branding.

Our amazing creative team, known for their expertise in crafting captivating visuals and memorable experiences, dove deep into the world of bourbon to bring out the essence of Blanton's unique story. With Kentucky's love for bourbon in our veins, we meticulously crafted every detail from the bottle and neck label to the foil-embossed packaging with a splash of fun and a dash of distinction.

As we stirred up this smooth collaboration with Blanton's, our unwavering commitment to creating possibility and fostering innovation shone through. The result was a perfect blend of tradition and originality, leading to one of the most successful sales years for any special release.

At RedTag, we pride ourselves on being more than just another agency—we're passionate problem solvers who go above and beyond to bring our clients' visions to life. Our collaboration with Blanton's is a testament to our incredible creative team's ability to deliver excellence while embracing the heart and soul of the brands we serve. Cheers to that!

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