American Beverage Marketers

RedTag's strategic digital content campaign propelled American Beverage Marketers to new heights, leveraging a vast array of videos across social media platforms, amplifying brand presence, and engaging millions worldwide.

300M Brand Impressions

Over 3,000 videos produced, hitting 300M+ impressions in 2023.

Crafting a Global Cocktail Culture

American Beverage Marketers, the world's leading cocktail mixer brand, collaborated with RedTag to revolutionize its digital presence. Our campaign generated over 300 million impressions through a dynamic content strategy that included the production of over 3,000 videos and collaboration with creators for additional content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. This effort significantly boosted engagement, evidenced by over 60,000 recipes saved by consumers. We redefined the online identity for ABM's four iconic brands—Master of Mixes, Finest Call, Agalima, and Reàl—each experiencing remarkable growth in 2023. Our campaign not only expanded ABM's global footprint but also reinforced its commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring that every minute, somewhere in the world, someone is enjoying a cocktail made with ABM products.

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