University of Kentucky Athletics Department

RedTag, in partnership with Wrigley Media Group, built a fund-raising campaign for the K-Fund and the University of Kentucky Athletics Department to raise $350M.


UK Athletics & K-Fund Capital Raise

Striving for Greatness

RedTag worked closely with the team at UK Athletics and Wrigley Media Group to create an inspiring and successful fundraising campaign, Kentucky Can. The historic campaign aimed to secure the future of the university and its athletic programs, focusing on student success, critical investments, and engagement across all units and programs. RedTag's creative and strategic prowess played an essential role in raising a staggering $350 million for the University of Kentucky, surpassing expectations and solidifying our agency's reputation for delivering outstanding results.

At the heart of the Kentucky Can campaign were four key pillars: Embrace Tradition, Enhance Experience, Lead Competition, and Provide Scholarships. RedTag's creative team crafted a compelling narrative and visually engaging content to bring these pillars to life, connecting with the university's alumni, supporters, and the wider community. Our strategic approach, coupled with our understanding of the University of Kentucky's values, culture, and goals, enabled us to design a campaign that resonated deeply with the target audience and inspired generous contributions.

The success of the Kentucky Can campaign not only showcased RedTag's expertise in producing results-driven fundraising strategies but also emphasized our commitment to supporting educational institutions and their communities. As a result of our collaboration, the University of Kentucky can now continue to transform the lives of its students, elevate the student-athlete experience, maintain state-of-the-art facilities, and provide valuable scholarships for deserving individuals. RedTag takes pride in being part of this groundbreaking initiative, as we continue to empower organizations to reach their full potential and create lasting impact.

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