Wildman Triathalon

The Wildman Triathlon is an innovative event that marries the thrill of endurance sports with the mystique of local legends, set against the backdrop of Anderson County's scenic beauty.

Award-Winning Logo Design

RedTag transformed the Wildman Triathlon brand with a logo that ingeniously incorporates a "bigfoot" figure as the "A" in WILDMAN, earning Gold in the American Advertising "Addy" Awards for logo design.

Branding that Breaks the Mold

The Wildman Triathlon presented a unique opportunity to blend local folklore with the demanding world of triathlon. RedTag was tasked with branding the event from the ground up. Our team dove deep, collaborating with Anderson County tourism to capture the essence of the event and its location. We crafted a logo that not only stood out but also told a story, using a "bigfoot" silhouette to represent the "A" in WILDMAN, symbolizing strength, mystery, and endurance.

Our comprehensive branding strategy didn't stop at the logo. We developed a cohesive brand and messaging design that resonated across all platforms. Our efforts extended to creating captivating social media ads that engaged and excited potential participants. The result? A distinctive brand identity that elevated the Wildman Triathlon to legendary status, perfectly aligning with Anderson County's allure. This creative and strategic approach led to our work being recognized with a Gold Addy Award, highlighting RedTag's ability to innovate and excel in branding excellence.

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