UP For Women and Children


Empowerment Through Support

A Haven for Hope and Renewal

Bridging Gaps with Compassion and Technology

In partnership with UP For Women and Children, RedTag has played a pivotal role in supporting one of Louisville's most vulnerable populations. We redesigned the UP website to enhance accessibility and user experience, making it significantly easier for unhoused women, their children, and marginalized genders to discover and utilize vital services. Recognizing the importance of direct assistance, RedTag's commitment extends beyond digital solutions; our team actively engages in volunteer work, clothing drives, and has developed an AI chatbot to streamline service requests. This blend of technology and hands-on support underscores our dedication to making a meaningful difference. RedTag's collaboration with UP For Women and Children is a testament to our belief in giving back locally and globally. Through innovative digital tools and community engagement, we aim to empower those in need to navigate their paths towards stability and self-sufficiency. Our work with UP reflects the core of our mission: harnessing our skills and resources to uplift communities and contribute to a world where homelessness for women and children is rare and brief. Our engagement with UP showcases not just our technical expertise, but our deep commitment to compassion and social responsibility.

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